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Unity is strength!
When there is teamwork
and collaboration, wonderful
things can be achieved.



Founded by Max Sassen and Niels van Dooren almost three years ago, our company has become a highly versatile software agency, focused not on quantity, but on high quality, long-term cooperation in both customers and projects. Our approach is simple: if we can’t add value to your needs and ideas, we’d rather point you in the right direction towards someone who can provide the best solution, saving you both time and money in the process.

At our core is not only our knowledge and expertise, but also our involvement with our customers. We work with you, not just for you – meaning that we consider you not just another client, but rather a partner who we work alongside as co-owners of both the problem and the solution. Our team is dedicated to creating robust, maintainable code and guiding startups and scale-ups on their journey towards becoming efficient and highly purpose-driven companies.

With over 30 years of combined experience, we are proud to be a reliable technology partner, offering full-cycle software development services to companies across various business domains.


The extension of your team

Don’t look at us as a company who does work for you but rather one that works with you.

Too often companies turn to each other to see how one can merely execute the wishes of the other, while it’s far more important to see how both can complement each other by acting as a single team with a single goal. You shouldn’t hire a company just to create what you want, how you want it. In our opinion it’s always better to collaborate and work together towards creating the best version of your idea.

When you hire a company to do the job, you effectively hire skills and knowledge, in-depth knowledge. So why not use it to the fullest extend? Our aim is to unburden you and handle as much (or as little) of the process as you want. Our knowledge isn’t limited to the development itself but stretches far beyond the realms of product-ownership, process-management and release and delivery. Our developers feel equally comfortable working your office as they do from ours.